Friday, 3 August 2012

My Top 5 Favourite Summer Nail Polishes!

Hello guys, sorry I haven't posted anything in a while - I've had a pretty hectic week or so - but I am back! And finally summer is starting to look like it has arrived so I thought I would tell you about my 5 most reached for nail polishes in the summer months!
1. Topshop - Big Smoke.
I like this colour for summer simply because it is so easy to wear - it is just a nice nude colour that goes with anything, also, when I wear this I often find it lasts for ages before chipping and that makes me happy.
2. Barry M - Pink Iridescent.
Who doesn't like a bit of glitter on their nails, in the sun or rain?! I think this polish is super pretty, and I'll wear it on its own or over the top of another colour to add a little sparkle. 
3. Collection 2000 - Fruit Salad.
Not only was this nail polish super duper cheap, it is a gorgeous colour and it dries in just 60 seconds! This is my go-to nail polish if I am going out and I'm in a rush to get ready - I think I need some more Collection 2000 nail polishes in my collection as this is my only one!
4. Topshop - Marine Scene.
I was given this nail polish by a friend because they didn't like the colour of it against their skin, so I didn't really expect too much of this polish - but I absolutely love it! It is such a lovely colour and so easy to wear. The only thing I dislike about this polish is that it stains, a lot, a base coat is essential!
5. Barry M - Mint Green.
I bought this nail polish ages and ages ago and forgot that I owned it, but I found it the other day and - after a drop or two of nail varnish remover to make it a little less gloopy - I realised how nice the colour was! It is a perfect summery minty green (as the name would suggest!) and I will definitely start wearing it more often.

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