Friday, 31 August 2012

Nail Care/Polish Haul!

Hello guys! If you live in England you will know that yesterday was a rainy, miserable day! So to make myself feel a little better about the rubbish weather I went shopping! I bought two nail polishes and a nail treatment, so I thought I would show you!

I realised that as we are now coming into Autumn I don't even own any red nail polishes, so I ended up buying two red shades from OPI - haha! The first colour I bought is called 'Get Your Glamour On,' it is just a nice, matte shade of red that I think I will wear a lot in the coming cooler months. The second colour I bought is called 'Animal-istic,' it is a beautiful dark-ish red shade with flecks of pinky/red glitter, I tried to resist buying this but it looked to pretty! 

I also bought this nail treatment from Sally Hansen called 'Natural Nail Growth Revitaliser,' unfortunately my nails are thin and weak and they take ages to grow but this product claims that it will solve all three of these problems in just five days, so I thought it would be rude not to try it and see if it works! I will post about this again in a week or so, so I can tell you if it has done the job!

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