Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What's in my weekend away make-up bag?

Hi guys! So the week before last I went on a little adventure for the weekend, and I thought I would show you what I took with me in my make-up bag!

Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Lotion SPF 50 - I wear this underneath my make-up, just for an extra layer of protection from the sun, the foundation I used on this weekend has SPF 15, that wouldn't do much to prevent sunburn on my skin so I wore this higher SPF underneath.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturiser - I took this moisturiser from Clinique with me purely because it was a sample size so it didn't take up too much room in my make-up bag, I hadn't used it before my weekend away but I actually really liked it, and I have used it a few times since!

Clinique Even Better Foundation - I find that when I'm tired, this foundation can make me look a bit more awake, so I thought this was quite essential. Read about my three favourite Clinique foundations here.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (review for this coming soon!) - I love this concealer, it is fairly new to me but it really does just conceal everything I need it too nicely.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Clarifying Powder - This is essential for me as I have oily skin, and this keeps shine at bay!

Natural Collection Eyeshadow 'Crushed Walnut' - I use this to fill in my rather sparse eyebrows, I couldn't be without it!

Soap and Glory Smoulder Kohl - This is another product I couldn't be without, I simply look scary with no eyeliner!

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara - Again, I brought this with me because it is a sample size, it is the sample that I received in Glamour Magazine a couple of months ago, when I first reviewed this (read my review here) I didn't really rate it, but I have warmed to it a lot since then.

Revlon Lip Butter 'Pink Truffle' - I brought this with me as it is bang in the middle of a lip balm and a lip stick, so I knew that it would keep my lips moisturised, add a little colour and wear away nicely!

Vaseline - I used this overnight to make sure my lips were nicely moisturised when I got up in the mornings.


  1. I may need that foundation, my skin always looks so dull mainly because I don't get much sleep and I need a better diet. Still if makeup can help I'm all in x

    1. You should definitely try this foundation, I personally really like it. I've also heard the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is really good for what you need - but I've never tried it so I can't really recommend it, it's just some food for thought for you! X

  2. wow, you're just like me! i don't get why no one ever raves about the clinique foundations, I LOVE them! I have the anti blemish solutions one but my mum has this and it's great :)I also have that clinique moisturiser and used to use that setting powder before i changed to loose powder haha! the concealer is also a personal favourite and major essential.. great post!
    liv x

    1. I know, I just love them too! I have the Anti-Blemish Solutions one too, I'm actually wearing it today! X

  3. Vaseline in my opinion is the best lip balm EVER!

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    Thanks xoxo



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