Sunday, 5 August 2012

Nivea Tinted Moisturiser Day Cream.

Hello guys! I have quite oily skin and usually steer clear of tinted moisturisers but as it is now summer I haven't wanted to wear something as heavy as a foundation, so a few weeks ago I picked up this tinted moisturiser by Nivea in Boots, just too see how if I like it or not - it was only £3.66 so a complete bargain!

When I tried it out the next morning I was surprised about the coverage it gave, it isn't at all completely sheer which is half what I expect from a tinted moisturiser, it still gives a fairly light coverage but at the same time covers any imperfections, I also find it to be quite build-able, so if I am having a 'bad skin' day, I can just apply another layer of this and it's fine.

Because my skin is rather oily, I was worried that this would leave me looking super shiny, but as long as I powder my skin after I have applied this it's fine, it leaves me looking like I have a healthy glow with shine in all the right places.

My only problem with this product is that it only comes in one colour 'Natural' this matches my skin quite well at the moment, but it would be too dark for me if I wasn't tanned.

To conclude, I think for £3.66 this is a great product, it has encouraged me to want to try out some higher end tinted moisturisers and see how I get on with those... Do you have any recommendations?

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