Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Removing a Shellac Manicure At Home!

Hey guys! Usually I wouldn't try and remove my Shellac Manicure at home, but I've been rather busy recently and haven't had the time to pop into town to get it removed! So instead, I did it myself at home (it's probably better better to get the manicure removed properly but to do it at home is both inexpensive and less time consuming!).
To do this I simply used my everyday nail polish remover, Sally Hansen Strengthening Polish Remover, which I poured into a shallow dish - I couldn't find a shallow dish so I actually used the lid of some Johnson's Cotton Buds! I know it is possible to buy pure acetone which will obviously be more effective, but I don't know where you buy it from so I stuck with your bob-standard nail polish remover.
Then, I simply dipped my hands into the dish and waited. Usually it is recommended you wait 10 minutes but this is with pure acetone, so I waited more 15 or so minutes. Then I used a manicure stick to scrape off the Shellac polish. Most of it came off pretty easily, I did however have to dip some nails back into the dish because there were a few stubborn bits left behind.
Immediately after removal, my nails looked a little damaged and perhaps peeled. But after washing with soap and water normality was restored *phew*. Then, finally, I applied my trusty Soap & Glory Hand Food and my nails were as good as new!


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  2. I love your blog so I am now your new follower.
    I love your nails!!

  3. When I was removing mine I dipped cotton into the polish remover and wrapped it with foil around my nail, worked a treat & I do lobe hand food - best cream ever! New follower xx



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