Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Haul: American Apparel Disco Pants!

Hey guys! I have wanted a pair of these beauties for so long, but the price tag has always been a bit of a put off. However, I had a 30% off all American Apparel clothing discount, so I ran to my computer and ordered them right away!
After six days of waiting impatiently for them to arrive, the postman knocked on the door and asked me to sign for a parcel, when he handed it over to me I realised the parcel held my Disco Pants and got all excited and probably scared the poor postman!

Excuse the background mess - I took
this photo in my sisters room, the
messy pup!!

The Disco Pants themselves are so flattering. When I first opened them I was scared at how tiny they looked - the waist looked like it was for a twelve year old! But because they are made of such a stretchy material they fitted just fine (phew!). I absolutely love the high waist and super-skinniness of them. I was so worried these trousers would look awful on my body, but I have fallen in love with them!

Do you own a pair of these beauties? Or are you lusting over them as I was for SO long? Thank you for reading lovelies!


  1. Love disco pants, they look great on you!


  2. Hello there!

    I love your blog and follow u. So I've nominated you to the Liebster Award.

    Have a good day!


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