Friday, 11 January 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Set

Hey guys! I know there are plenty of reviews on these brushes in and amongst the 'beauty blogging world' but I love them so much I feel I have to jump on the bandwagon and tell you guys about them! 

Buffing Brush - who has tried this brush and not completely fallen in love with it? It applies any foundation seamlessly and beautifully, leaving a flawless finish on the skin! It even applies my Clinique Stay Matte Foundation wonderfully, even though this foundation looks awful when applied with a normal foundation brush!

Contour Brush - This brush is the perfect shape for applying bronzer in the contours of the cheeks and it is oh-so-soft. I also find it to be a really good size, not too big nor small.

Pointed Foundation Brush - I have to be honest, I've never ever used this as a foundation brush. Instead, I use it to blend in concealer, both under the eyes and on blemishes. It leaves a flawless finish, blending the concealer into the foundation really well, leaving everything I want covered out of sight for the day!

Detailer Brush - I occasionally use this brush to blend in concealer under my eyes. But also occasionally to apply lipstick or gloss. It's one of those small multi-use brushes that are rather handy to have!

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on Real Technique's brushes?


  1. This looks like a really solid set of blushes! I'd definitely use the pointed foundation brush to blend concealer as well. Thanks for the review!

  2. I've heard amazing things about these brushes! I really do need to pick up a set :D

  3. I love the brushes and the buffing brush in particular! Foundation brush heaven! Followed :) xx


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