Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Getting my feet ready for summer! Soap and Glory Heel Genius.

Hello guys! It may seem a little late to be preparing my feet for summer, but in England summer still looks as if it's ages away, and preparing them now is better late than never! All through the winter, I have to admit, my feet were probably a little neglected, they were kept warm all cooped up in thick socks and boots, but I allowed the underneath of my foot to go dry and crack (gross, I know), so I thought it was better late then never to save them so they would look presentable in sandals and flip flops in the coming months!
  This foot cream is a light bluey-green colour which I quite like, it is also very thick, for me this is a good thing because I find body creams of any sort a little pathetic when they are all watery and runny. I pop quite a generous amount of this onto the soles of my feet every night before bed and wear socks over the top to help the cream sink in and do the job.
  I don't particularly like the feeling of wearing socks full of foot cream to bed but I think the results make it all rather worth it. Even after a night or so, the state of my feet had improved and were no longer quite so dry. It also, like every other Soap and Glory, smells lovely, so surely that is an added bonus!
  I paid £.5.50 for this product and it seems to have lasted forever, so I think it is quite a small price to pay for a foot cream that really works and goes a long way!

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