Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Favourite Clinique Foundations!

It is no secret that Clinique is my all time favourite brand for foundations, I have worn Clinique foundations pretty much since I started wearing makeup, I just love them! Here I am going to talk about my three favourites.
  When reading this it may be useful to bear in mind that I have an oily skin type which is very much acne prone - thanks to this I do have some acne scarring on my skin so I like my foundation to have a full enough coverage to cover these, but I also need my foundation to stay as matte as it will on my skin - which does get oily throughout the day. I apply all my foundations with a No. 7 Foundation Brush.

 1. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions.
I have this foundation in the colour 03 Fresh Neutral - this was my foundation last summer when I had a lot more colour in my face, so it is way to dark for me at the moment!
  I was recommended this foundation by a lady on the Clinique counter when I was going through a fairly bad breakout stage in about August last year. The name 'Anti-Blemish Solutions' immediately drew me in.
  This foundation almost immediately became my new every day foundation, it has a good coverage (I would say medium) and it isn't too dewy so my face never looked ridiculously shiny whilst wearing this. Obviously I am too pale to wear this foundation right now, but during the summer I will definitely start wearing it more often.
I know this foundation looks absolutely disgusting - sorry about
that - you can see it has been well worn by me!

2. Clinique Even Better.
I have this foundation in the colour 02 Fair (this colour suits be a lot better than the Anti-Blemish Solutions - ha!). I do really like this foundation, it gives a really good coverage - maybe slightly fuller than both of the other foundations in this post - but it still doesn't look at all cakey on my skin.
  I can only wear this foundation when my skin is having a bit of a drier day than usual - if I wear it on a 'normal' skin day it will make my skin look far too oily. I think this is a shame because it gives such a good coverage and it looks really nice on my skin (before it starts to get oily, obviously). If you have a drier skin type I would definitely try this foundation out! 

 3. Clinique Superbalanced Makeup.
I have this foundation in the colour 27 Alabaster. I love this foundation, it is my current everyday foundation. When I bought this the lady on the counter told me that this foundation has a fuller coverage than the Even Better, but I disagree, I think this is slightly more sheer and natural looking, but at the same time it still covers up everything that I want it too.
  This foundation controls my oily skin very well - I still have to powder and touch up during the day but I expected nothing less. Once I have finished this bottle I will definitely repurchase it. I think out of all the three foundations I have spoken about, this is my favourite! I have used this almost every day since I bought it. Even on a slightly warmer day when I want a more natural looking foundation, I will mix this with tinted moisturiser and it looks just lovely. And when I am having a slightly 'dry skin day' this looks really nice mixed with the Even Better foundation. It is just perfect!

If you have any recommendations for foundations that are or aren't from Clinique please leave a comment telling me about them below:). The next Clinique foundation that I plan to try out is their new Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup - have you tried this?

Even Better, Superbalanced, Anti-Blemish Solutions.
(Some of these may look to dark for me, I was matched for all of them
 but some of them were purchased in warmer months when I was tanned.)

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  1. I love both the Clinique foundations you've tried. The Stay-Matte Oil Free Makeup is not too bad either. I tend to buy two, one for colder months (heavier) and another for summer (lighter) as I feel I don't need as much coverage in summer. If you want any other recommendations, you can check out my blog here: range of foundations from clinique


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