Friday, 8 June 2012

Barry M Glitter Nail Polish

 Hey guys! As your typical girlie girl, I am into anything pink and glittery, so when I was shopping in Boots the other day, I let out a little squeal of excitement when I saw Barry M's Pink Iridescent Glitter Nail Paint! As soon as I picked up the bottle I was intrigued by how pretty it looked, so I straight away went to the till and bought it.

  The minute I got home I painted my nails with it, at first I was a little disappointed with how little the pink showed through, but after I had put on a second coat I felt quite satisfied. The pink still didn't show through intensely although that isn't at all what I expected in the first place, I think the nail polish made my nails look pretty and girlie - a perfect shade for summer parties.

  I am glad I purchased this Barry M product - recently I have been neglecting my Barry M nail polishes and using a lot of Topshop ones in their place - but buying and wearing this has made me remember how much I like Barry M nail varnishes, I will start wearing them more often!!


  1. That polish looks so pretty! Great post :D
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    Emily x

  2. Thank you:)
    awh yay my first follower on my new blog! I have followed you back.
    Sophs x


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