Wednesday, 27 March 2013

25 Facts About Me!

Hello lovelies! A little bit of a random post today, but I love watching these types of videos on Youtube or reading these types of posts online so I thought I would post one myself. Also, it's a nice get-to-know-me opportunity for you guys!

  1. So, starting with the basics... I'm seventeen years old. My birthday is February the 2nd .
  2. I'm currently studying my AS Levels in school. The subjects I'm taking are English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and ICT. I hope to drop ICT next year and carry on with the other three as full A Level's.
  3. I can't go a day without listening to music. I find it so difficult to name my favourite band or artist because I love so many, but at the moment it is probably between The Vaccines and Bastille.
  4. When I leave school I would like to go to university to study Law and Business Administration.
  5. I decided to start my blog after months of watching various beauty bloggers on Youtube.
  6. I'm the eldest of three children. I have a younger brother and sister aged 14 and 12.
  7. My favourite colours are bright orange and red.
  8. I'm painfully shy and awkward when I first meet someone and for a while after. It's only when I know a person very well that I can be myself around them.
  9. Only a select few of my friends know I write a blog. I don't know why but I feel embarrassed by the idea of loads of people I know reading it. One day I want everyone I know to know about my blog, though.
  10. I have a part-time job in Sainsbury's. My mum calls me a "checkout chic" embarrassing, really. 
  11. I have an irrational fear of dogs. There really is no reason for this fear, but they petrify me. 
  12. I think I have some kind of OCD. I'm constantly cleaning out my bedroom because I can't stand the clutter. Sometimes I wake up really early in the morning with the urge to sort out my entire bedroom.
  13. I have two sentimental family rings that I can't not wear when I leave the house. I feel completely lost and naked without them.
  14. I'm only 5"4 but for some reason I'm convinced that I'm really tall. Standing next to taller people or looking at my height in photos tells me I'm not so tall, however.
  15. When I was 14 I shaved a section of the right side of my hair off so it was super short. I thought I looked cool at the time.
  16. I'm just a little bit scared of both elbows and feet. They just make me cringe and feel sick.
  17. My auntie lives in the South of France and where she lives is my favourite place to visit on holiday.
  18. I've got a scar on my hand that looks like bubbles and feels strange. It's from a mysterious rash I had on my hand that lasted for literally weeks if not months a year or two ago.
  19. One of my bedroom walls used to be completely covered with old train tickets, photos, posters and other things. In some ways I regret taking it down because it was basically a wall full of memories.
  20. I have a cousin who lives in Australia, we were really close when we were younger and I miss her more than you could imagine.
  21. I rarely drink fizzy drinks. There's not really a reason for this, I'm just not overly keen on them.
  22. Autumn is my favourite season of the year.
  23. Penguins are my favourite animals.
  24. I have a beach hut on my local beach. It's a lovely getaway in the warmer months of the year.
  25. And finally, my middle name is Eleanor. After my great grandma.
Thank you for reading! :)

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  1. What a great post to read :D I liked getting to know more about you :)
    I think it is so cool you see your Auntie in France for a holiday :D and penguins are adorable XD xx


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